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Navigation Schemes: You Are Here Databases Publishing: Information for Fun and Profit
The first step to creating a successful Web site is getting people to visit your site. But, just as important, is the second step. How do you keep your visitors on your site? You can have the best content in the world but if your visitors don't know how to get to it, it'll just be taking up space on a server.

Good navigation design is an essential ingredient for any successful Web site and we at InSite Web Services understand that and know how to help you create a thoughtful road map that'll guide your visitors from the home page to clear destinations and back to the home page.

There are lots of different ways to accomplish this. There are a variety of navigation types - hierarchical, global, local - as well as styles of navigation. - links, trails, bars, maps and much more. We can help you figure out, with whatever type of site you want, what will be the most effective navigation scheme.

Check out our Portfolio to see how we've already helped our clients achieve this. Databases can be easy.
Yes, it is true. That may sound like a wild claim - along the lines of "lose 100 pounds overnight" or "guaranteed winning lottery numbers", but databases can make your life much, much easier.

If you have a membership list, numerous articles, or any other large group of information, it can be presented on your Web site in real time. And keeping it updated it as simple as typing the information into a spreadsheet.

If you have an existing database, we can build a site which takes new information from a Web form and places the data where it belongs (while also calling your attention to the new record).

You can also choose whether the information is public, partially public, or just for members of your group.

See? We told you it was easy! You can even see our claims in action in our Portfolio.