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IWS to Rebuild Ed Levitch's Web Site
January 05, 2006:
Edward Levitch's architecture firm wanted to be able to show off their latest projects and awards. We built them a site that allows them to do that easily. They can upload images and descriptions of new projects, images of the crew and copies of articles about them from industry publications, magazines and newspapers.

A set of simple, web-based forms makes the whole process as easy as cut-and-paste. Members of the office staff can upload images taken onsite of projects, paste in details about the project and add captions to the images. Visitors see a neatly laid out display of the new projects. The home page has a section for displaying any of the projects in the portfolio - all Ed has to do is check a box that makes a particular project "Featured".

We also updated the navigation of the site. We kept the same basic design as the old site, just witha little more polish.

Check out their new site!

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